Rain at Muchalat, rain at Sooke,  And rain, they say, from Yale to Skeena,  And the skid-roads blind, and never a look  Of the Coast Range blue over Malaspina,  And west winds keener  Than jack-knife blades,  And rocks grown greener  With the long drip-drip from the cedar shades  On the drenched deep soil where the footsteps suck,  And the camp half-closed and the pay-roll leaner, — Say, little horse, shall we hunt our luck? Yet... I don't know... there’s an hour at night When the clouds brea? and the stars are turning.

A thousand points of diamond light Through the old snags of the cedar-burning, And the west wind’s spurning A hundred highlands, And the frost-moon’s learning The white fog-ways of the outer islands, And the shallows are dark with the sleeping duck, And life’s a wonder for our discerning, — Say, little horse, shall we wait our luck? [1]

Literary Analysis

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[1] Marjorie Pickthall